Every morning, millions of people start their day with the world of the internet. TikTok, Instagram posts, Facebook, YouTube, Tweets, and other platforms pump up content at an accelerating rate every day.

Creating content on the regular isn’t enough and sometimes not even necessary. …

Entrepreneurs may need to take a step back

At Basebone we believe in content creation. It is a competitive business, and we would dare to say that it’s the new entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and the idea of becoming an entrepreneur dominated the world of business the last decade, and in this decade, young people want to be content creators.

The Passion Economy

We’re going all-out in the Middle East!

Where We Stand

Basebone is a provider in South Africa, Kenya, and several Middle Eastern countries for mobile content services. We combine carrier billing and credit card payment solutions, and our flagship product Baseplay has been on a roll lately!

We’ve surpassed 20 million active Baseplay users and 1.4 million new monthly signups

Content Saturation Can Be Beat!

At Basebone, we believe that the age of content marketing is here, and the pandemic has pushed so many businesses and individuals into content creation. …

As a business that focuses a lot on content creators, and content we can vouch for these 9 tips!

Loved this one. Thanks for the great tips!

Even though its been years this publication is SO relevant! Let's get to Creators what they want and need.

This period of lockdowns and the pandemic has proven one thing. If you are not online, then you do not exist. Businesses have moved online, most interactions have moved online, and more individuals have increasingly entered the world of content creation, making it all more competitive than ever.

What is…

Producing quality content will help you grow. Period.

Great technology has made it possible to collaborate, record, edit, publish and create content all from the same resources. Great technology and software have made this possible, but why is content creation making so much buzz anyways? This is why at Basebone we want to empower creators through Baseplay.

Growing Appetite for Content



Every month 200,000 new users worldwide sign up to Baseplay to enjoy our range of games, movies, health & well-being content, and educational content. Now, we are officially expanding the platform with Baseplay Creators!

Baseplay Creators

Baseplay Creators is a new upcoming platform designed for content creators to expand the reach of…


We are the an OTT service provider in Africa and the Middle East! Check out our all-in-one media streaming platform baseplay.co

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